14 Amazing Works of Political Graffiti and Street Art from Around the World

by Andrew Boni on September 17, 2008

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When you think of graffiti and street art, politics is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. There seems to be a complete disconnect between the two realms. Knowing this, we here at Jetcomx decided to scour the corners of the internet and come up with the 10 most astounding examples of modern political graffiti. Here’s what we came up with:

14. Barack Obama shakes the hand of America in a piece by Chicago based artist Ray Noland. This was spotted at the Got Next art exhibition in San Francisco.

Barack Obama Hand Shake Graffiti

13. John McCain gets his heart ripped out by the devil himself. This was spotted in downtown Freemont, Washington.

John McCain Satan Heart Rip Graffiti

12. George W. Bush depicted as a true cowboy. Spotted in Sydney, Australia.
George W Bush Cowboy Graffiti

11. Hillary Clinton wears a Barack Obama campaign button on her hat. Found this in New York City.

Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Street Art Graffiti

10. Barack Obama is straight gold.

Barack Obama Gold Graffiti

9. It only seemed natural that these next two graffiti pieces be grouped together as one.

Bush and Sons Family Butchers Since 1989 Graffiti

George W Bush the Butcher

8. John McCain sings “Bomb, bomb, bomb… Bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys Barbara Ann. This was spotted in the Pearl district of Portland, Oregon.

John McCain Bomb Iran Street Art Graffiti

7. This John McCain piece was found on Olvera Street in Hollywood, California.

John McCain Political Street Art

6. Dick Cheney as Jabba the Hutt. Found in Brooklyn, New York City.
Dick Cheney George Bush Jaba the Hut

5. George W. Bush points a gun to his head in a chair. This piece was found in London, England.
George W Bush Graffiti

4. Bill Clinton was always known as a ladies man.

Bill Clinton Pimp Graffiti

3. Barack Obama gives a speech to America on a street corner from Chicago, Illinois.

Barack Obama Microphone Graffiti Street

2. Hillary and Barack put up their dukes. This was spotted in New York City.

Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Boxing Street Art

1. George W. Bush as an old school football player clutching a bomb. This is by Maya and was found in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

George W Bush Football Bomber Graffiti

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  • Anonn

    Every time I click on your page I really don’t want to have a huge picture of bush take over my screen…
    I’ve seen better sites from ten year olds

  • Slick42

    Abbad Abbus, you fail at trolling.

  • http://afroblog.awardspace.com Honour Chick

    OBAMA O8 :)

  • http://internet.com joe

    i’m having a hard time understanding what the Warhol references mean.

  • sdfas

    Jabba…. Hutt….

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  • FPM

    I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

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  • Lori

    It should be a HUGE clue to you just how wrong you are that most of your responses are in a language other than ENGLISH!!! YOU IDIOT!

  • http://is.gd/Fo2/609508786 website design

    That just brought back bad memories of Ziro the Hutt. *shudders*

  • http://is.gd/Fo2/963791374 web design

    Forget political affiliation.

    Awesome art.

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  • http://linuxette.org/?p=2647 mirko’s blog » Art terroriste esth

    [...] Ceux qui pr

  • http://www.metafilter.com/75728/Id-love-if-this-forum-was-all-about-if-Shepard-Fairey-is-a-sellout I’d love if this forum was all about if Shepard Fairey is a sellout. | MetaFilter

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  • http://myspace.com/dja2z Zach

    Obama ’08! 3 days till election day! Go out and Vote for change! peace&love~zachattack

  • http://www.coretv1.wordpress.com Dex

    @ Lori

    You are fail.

    Plz leave the internet

  • http://tr.im/1w0g j man

    COol blog entry. stunning images. very moving. very impressive

    represent that latino stylee on the street art abd graff level. big ups to them bols dahner in El SALVADOR!

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  • julia

    I live in NYC where i have been noticing interesting stickers and posters about the state of the economy. Over the last couple of months i have seen more and more of these “Enjoy…” stickers. Has anyone else seen them or know anything about them?

  • nctech

    Why do you believe that all Republicans are evil. Though you did not say that in your comment, it’s implied that you think all right wing Republicans or anyone supporting the Republican thoughts should be silenced. Now I do believe that some of the Republican viewpoints have gone astray the past few decades. But to go so far as you saying that anyone with a different viewpoint of Obama should be “silenced” is very scary for a supporter of a politician who wants to bring the country under unity while maintaining our essential rights of belief and speech as Americans.

    Your plan of actions has been used by many infamous leaders of the past to control the political arena….. Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler to name a few.

    Ignorance of history of the past dooms a people to repeat it.

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    Extremely controversial collection… Good work though..politics is not really a subject for street graphiti but the collection proves that it holds considerable amount of importance when it comes to art of the wall…

  • http://www.blueravengallery.co.uk James

    Fantastic collection! I’m always on the look out for decent stuff like this, but I don’t see much in my area.

  • MO0000999999

    You are probably one of the idiots who voted for Obama without ANY REAL KNOWLEDGE OF HIS POLICIES. The fact that you made this statement alone PROVES THAT YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Leave the politics to the POLITICIANS. I can’t stand uneducated people like you commenting on shit that you have no understanding of in the first place. You are literally an embarrassment to all democrats and if OBAMA READ YOUR STUPID COMMENT HE WOULD PROBABLY KILL YOU HIMSELF

  • MOEEE0008483457

    Graffiti couldn’t be more political if it tried. You obviously don’t have very much knowledge of this subject.

  • brucelee

    Why the same idea with all of the pictures. I mean politics isn’t only about presidential candidates. Its much more complicated than who we vote for, Obama goes to war and kills like Bill Clinton so don’t glorify whoever is on your platform.

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