Street Artist Billi Kid's Combo Slap Featured in TIME Magazine

by Andrew Boni on December 22, 2008

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Billi Kid TIME magazine

We just wanted to send our congratulations to our friend and street artist Billi Kid. Earlier this week, Billi had one of his combo slaps featured in an article in TIME magazine. The particular combo slap features an image of president-elect Barack Obama, created by San Francisco based artist Zoltron, surrounded by the stickers of many other artists from around the world.

The cover image of TIME was created by the legendary Shepard Fairey, mastermind behind the Andre the Giant Has a Posse street art campaign, among other things. This iconic Obama piece has come to symbolize the hope and change that the Obama administration has promised to bring to America.

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  • Dancing Knives

    I don’t think we have ever had a politician that has been involved in so much art work in the past as Obama.

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