Mixtape Mondays are Coming to Jetcomx

by Andrew Boni on August 10, 2008

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Mixtape Mondays are Coming to Jetcomx

Mixtape Mondays are Coming to Jetcomx

Who doesn’t enjoy a good mixtape? Starting this Monday, Jetcomx will feature a new mixtape every Monday. This weekly happening will present mixtapes from a wide array of artists, including well-known ones, and those still trying to make a name for themselves. Be on the lookout for our Mixtape Mondays series! If you have a mixtape that you’d like featured on Jetcomx, let us know!

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  • http://jetcomx.com/2008/08/11/mixtape-mondays-wale-the-mixtape-about-nothing/ jetcomx // fashion music culture

    [...] off our new Mixtape Mondays theme is hip-hop’s rising star Wale and his mixtape entitled The Mixtape About Nothing. Wale [...]

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