Monsters of Folk Perform on Conan 9/22, the Same Day as Album Release

by Courtney Allessio on September 24, 2009

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Monsters of Folk

What to you get when you take Conor Oberst, M. Ward, Jim James and Mike Mogis?

Oh for Christ’s sake, you must be living under a rock if you didn’t know that the answer is Monsters of Folk!

How to describe this collaboration… Monsters of Folk is a glorified sort of hillbilly rock that leaves room for a little class and a lot bite  (I mean, they are monsters after all). Since  Tuesday, the debut of their self-titled album, I’ve been listening to this collection of 15 tracks on repeat to get a good, firm grasp on my opinions. They don’t seem to mess around with the music, so I won’t mess around with the review. But so far, I’m really liking it. The songs take you to other worlds. On my way back from Coolidge Corner last night, I pumped up ‘The Right Place’ in my earphones, and when I closed my eyes I saw people ho-downing in the grass at sundown.

A more formal review to follow, I promise.

But anyways, if you missed it last night or want to watch it again, check out their performance on Conan O’Brien:

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And go chew on some wheat and give ‘em a listen, you’ll be glad you did. Unless you have a gluten allergy, I guess you could throw on a pair of overalls or something… Conor opted for the aviators.

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  • ChrisLeBeouf

    Such a silly name for such an amazing group.

    This comment was originally posted on Reddit

  • weakflesh

    it sorta annoys me that the best songwriter on that stage was playing drums and got zero acknowledgment. also, nothing that amazing…. sounds like a modernized version of the band.

    This comment was originally posted on Reddit

  • Jojosurvive

    Holy crap theyre amazing live!!
    One of the best Bands of 2009, they are the fleet foxes of this year IMO.
    hahah Conor is like “holy shit Conan is huge!” towards the end

  • beerbabe

    I think it fits them perfectly.

    This comment was originally posted on Reddit

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