Girl Talk Releases "All Day"

Girl Talk All Day - Album CoverMash-up artist Gregg Gillis, affectionately known by millions as Girl Talk, released his latest album All Day earlier today. I couldn’t be more excited. On All Day, Gillis mashes up tracks like Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie” to the 1987 hit “Jane Says,” Portishead with Big Boi, and Lady Gaga with Aphex Twin. His ability to make an un-danceable song danceable is pretty amazing. I’m sure a couple of these songs will find themselves on your weekend playlist.

[audio:05 - Girl Talk - This Is the Remix.mp3 |titles=This is the Remix |artists=Girl Talk]

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Cache Rules Everything Around Me: Animated GIFs & Girl Talk

night-ripper Girl TalkArtist Evan Roth has made one of the most bizarre yet awesome videos I’ve seen in a while. The video’s called “Cache Rules Everything Around Me,” a play on the phrase made famous by The Wu-Tang Clan, and was made entirely from animated gifs. The video is a bombardment of the most random (and quite possibly offensive) gifs you may or may not have seen in your time on the internet.

Several tracks from Girl Talk’s first album Night Ripper make up the soundtrack, including “That’s My DJ,” “Hold Up,” “Too Deep” and “Smash Your Head.”

Roth is also one of the guys behind the EyeWriter Project, an ongoing collaborative research effort to help those suffering from ALS with creative technologies.

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Mixtape Mondays: Wiz Khalifa Presents Flight School

Wiz Khalifa Flight SchoolThis week, I feel like showing some love to the up-and-coming rap genius Wiz Khalifa. Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, the 21-year old Wiz Khalifa has already shared the stage with the likes of Ghostface Killah, Styles P, Lupe Fiasco, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Cham, Little Brother, Clipse, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Lil Scrappy, Mario, T.I., Nas, and Rich Boy. Back in 2008, his hit single “Say Yeah” dropped to critical acclaim. I remember I had that track on repeat for days. Khalifa’s version of “Say Yeah” was even mashed-up in the song “Don’t Stop” off of Feed the Animals by Girl Talk.

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Gregg 'Girl Talk' Gillis Live at Yale's Spring Fling Festival

Gregg Gillis Girl TalkGregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, has been known to frequently perform on college campuses and take over the college music scene. In fact, he got his start performing shows on the weekends while still a student at Case Western Reserve University. He eventually went on to graduate, and get a job as an engineer before quitting in 2007 to concentrate on music full time.

Just last month, he was one of three big artists who performed at Yale’s annual Spring Fling festival (the other two being N.E.R.D. and Wale). As expected, Girl Talk got the crowd bumping (and sweating) with his unique dance remixes and eclectic persona. Thanks to the guys over at freeculturemusic, the live recordings of Girl Talk at Yale have now been released for your listening pleasure. He performs a bunch of his classic hits the way you’re used to hearing them, as well as other tracks with subtle variations that only happen during his live sets. Enjoy.

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Boston's Passion Pit Releases Debut Album Manners [VIDEO]

Passion Pit MannersIt was February 2007. Michael Angelakos, a student and singer/songwriter at Emerson College, was looking for that special gift to give to his then girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. What he came up with were six songs recorded under the alias Passion Pit. The songs failed to woo his lover, but spread like wildfire at Emerson and caught the collective interest of the student body. It was then that Angelakos realized he had something big on his hands.

The six songs morphed into an EP named “Chunk of Change” and was officially released in late September 2008. On it was a song called “Sleepyhead,” which has since gained over 2.6 million listens on MySpace and over 1 million views on YouTube. The success of “Sleepyhead” led to Passion Pit landing a record deal with New York City-based Frenchkiss Records and Columbia Records in the UK. It’s also helped Passion Pit gain a full-fledged quartet for live performances.

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