Mixtape Mondays: Jay-Z vs. Coldplay Viva La Hova

Viva La Hova
Late one night, I was at a small party, doing DJ duty and selecting songs on my iPod. I searched for a while, scrolled to a song, then clicked “play.” Chris Martin, of Coldplay, began to croon out his slow (medical?) ballad, “Fix You.” Initially, the crowd was not happy with this choice. “When you feel so tired that you can’t sleep,” Chris sang, slowly. “Stuck in reverse!” he whispered. Suddenly, the word “reverse” began repeating, and a bass beat started thumping. People at the party started tapping their feet. The beat built up, people started dancing, and by the time Jay-Z (aka Jazzy, Sean Carter, Jiggaman, Hova, The Roc, etc.) began rapping, the party was bumping.

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Mixtape Mondays: The Hood Internet vs Chicago

One way to describe The Hood Internet could be “Girl Talk on Ritalin”. If you are like me, you tend to get sick ofThe Hood Internet vs Chicago Album Cover listening to mash-ups that suffer from ADD. After listening to one of these mash-up albums long enough (Feed the Animals anyone?), your head feels likes its going to explode à la Scanners. The Hood Internet is a breath of fresh air in the mash-up genre. In case you were wondering, The Hood Internet is comprised of Aaron Brink (aka ABX) and Steve Reidell (aka STV SLV). The Chicago based duo specialize in mashing up hip-hop with indie rock. On The Hood Internet vs Chicago, the two allow each sampled song to play for 30 seconds or longer which results in a much more listenable mixtape.

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Aphex Twin Bright Eyes Mashup Video Song

Earlier this week, a new mashup videosong was released onto Youtube. This time it was a mix of Aphex Twin’s FlimBright Eyes\and Bright Eyes’ First Day of My Life. In case you were wondering, a videosong is a new type of medium comprised of two rules:

This amazing videosong is performed by Jack Conte. In his performance, Flim is played at a much higher tempo than in the normal song. I think that most people would agree Jack Conte’s vocal rendition is much better than Connor Oberst’s in the original Bright Eyes song as well.

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An Interview with Dashiell Driscoll the Man Behind Audiobytes for Autobots

A new mash-up album by Audiobytes for Autobots has taken the internet by storm. Released on May 18th, 2008, the new album entitled simply 2.0 is the brainchild of 21 year old Dashiell Driscoll. The tracks on 2.0 have been characterized as a “dramatic shift towards a cleaner, refined and generally more danceable sound.” Imagine hearing the cartoon Batman theme song mixed with Kelis’ “Milkshake”, Broken Social Scene’s “KC Accidental” superimposed over a hip hop beat, or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers mashed with Dr. Dre. There are even clips from Jurassic Park and Knight Rider thrown in there. 2.0 can’t adequately be described in words, it has to be listened to. Recently, Jetcomx’s head writer was lucky enough to chat with the man who has opened for artists such as Dead Prez and the RZA.

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New Girl Talk Album 'Feed the Animals' Released for Download Radiohead Style

Our prayers have been answered. Greg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is back and better than ever. On June 19th 2008, Feed the Animals Album Arthis new album entitled Feed the Animals was put up for download. This is the fourth album by the mashup king who is signed to Illegal Art. The delivery system is the same pay-what-you-want style that Radiohead pioneered with the release of their In Rainbows album.

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