Kanye West feat. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj - Monster Music Video [Official]

Kanye West Monster Music Video
Back in December, portions of Kanye’s “Monster” music video were leaked, much to our delight. We were shown a very dark, macabre kind of music video complete with hanging corpses, beheadings, and S&M.

Now, with the release of the official video for the hit single off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, we get to see English director Jake Nava’s work as it was meant to be seen (and it’s more twisted than we could have imagined).

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Kanye West's Monster Music Video Leaks

Kanye West Jay-z Rick Ross Nicki Minaj Monster

Kanye West’s highly-anticipated music video for his hit song Monster, featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj, was leaked hours ago. Earlier this month, Kanye released a 35 second teaser for it, which drummed up a ton of controversy— namely because there appeared to be dead models all over the place. With the leak of the full video, we can see that those dead models are actually zombies. Awesome.

Take a look at the 1:55 mark to see a Justin Bieber lookalike getting attacked by zombies.

The audio quality is a little iffy, but that’s what we get for watching a leaked version of the video.

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The Latest from Kanye West & Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West

Every Friday for the past month or so, Kanye West has been releasing tracks off of his upcoming album, Dark Twisted Fantasy. I’m particularly stoked because up until all of this, he seemed to be laying low and keeping out of the spotlight nearly a year. Maybe it’s due to the fact that he’s now obsessed with Twitter.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, below is a rundown of the stuff he’s released. I’m really loving “Monster,” a track that Courtney first gave me a heads up on, and “Runaway,” which was performed at last night’s VMAs.

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Remix Fridays: Rick Ross, Passion Pit, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Empire of the Sun, Justice & More

Remix Fridays
Remix Fridays is a little segment that we’re going to be posting each and every Friday here on Jetcomx. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, since I always come across so many good remixes that need to be listened to. These are posted on Fridays because, well, that’s the start of the weekend which usually has parties, and that’s prime time for blasting killer remixes.

In the inaugural Remix Friday, we have some some classics that have been remixed. These include some Biggie, Tupac, Rick Ross, Michael Jackson, Passion Pit, Jack Peñate, Kanye West, Empire of the Sun, Justice, and Kid Cudi. Take a listen and enjoy.

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Lykke Li Covers 'Hustlin' by Rick Ross at Not to Be Reproduced in Los Angeles

Lykke Li Rick Ross

I love this video. It’s indie darling Lykke Li performing her own version of Rick Ross’s 2006 hit “Hustlin.” This video was taken inside of LA’s Not to Be Reproduced. On guitar is Björn Yttling, member of the Swedish indie rock band entitled Peter Bjorn and John. Seeing Lykke Li curse like that is pretty weird and funny at the same time. The audience seems to totally dig it, nonetheless.

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