Super Cr3w Wins America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

Congratulations SUPER CR3W!!!! On ThursdaySuper Cr3w Wins America August 21, Super Cr3w took the gold at the season finale of the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Yet again, the west coast won the whole thing. I guess California (many of Super Cr3w’s members are from southern CA) is a breeding ground for amazing crews. What really made Super Cr3w stand apart from everyone else was their unique bboy style and mind blowing stunts. They gave America a huge peek into the break dancing world and developed their choreography skills into a force to be reckoned with. Out of all the crews, Super Cr3w showed the most diversity and definitely deserved the champion title.

Super Cr3w Creates a Falling Tower of NinjasBefore we get into the dancing, let’s take a brief look at what they wore on this season of ABDC. Although they dressed up as different characters each week, Super Cr3w still managed to infuse their personal style in their clothes. For the “Rock the Title Challenge,” they took the idea of Superman (quite fitting for Super Cr3w) and used the theme to bring “We Fly High” to a whole new level. For the most part, Super Cr3w was like many other hip hop crews and wore great sneakers. Although they definitely wore some great dunks (particularly the ones they wore on episode 2 that were multi-colored in the front), my favorite ensemble of theirs was the ninja outfits they wore on the first episode. There is no better way to grab the attention of America than by wearing gray and red ninja attire. Super Cr3w Represents Mexico in the Championship ShowdownFor many of their performances, they almost always had on some sort of hat, whether it was a baseball cap or a beanie. In general, their clothes tended to have more of an athletic feel to them, including the green Mexico Adidas track jackets they wore on the Championship Showdown. (Quick note on their wardrobe, during one of the packages on the Championship Showdown, one of the members was wearing the White Reflection T-Shirt. Look for a Kallusive exclusive on Jetcomx soon!)

A Member of Super Cr3w Flips Through a Man-Made TowerOne of their hottest performances was the Missy Elliot challenge. Their performance started off with a standing tower that one of the guys flipped through and ended with them dangling one of their members off the stage. To get down from the tower, a member actually had to jump down off the shoulders of two guys, which JC pointed out was one and a half stories. Wow. Missy even said, “Ya’ll make my video look wack.” These boys constantly took risks and performed a number of gravity defying and athletic stunts that I can only begin to describe here. Just watch the videos below, my writing won’t do their tricks justice.

Super Cr3w came onto ABDC to represent the break dancing community. Although bboying is recognized overseas, especially in Asia, many people in the United States are unfamiliar with the culture. Since people don’t realize that the stunts and toprocking are just another type of dancing, they don’t appreciate bboying as an art form. However, throughout this competition, Super Cr3w dominated week after week and proved to America that Bboys are dancers too. Hopefully Super Cr3w will go on the ABDC tour, and those of us lucky enough will be able to see them live.

[flv:/wp-content/video/supercr3w.flv 460 345]

[flv:/wp-content/video/supercr3w2.flv 460 345]

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