Super Cr3w Wins America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

Congratulations SUPER CR3W!!!! On ThursdaySuper Cr3w Wins America August 21, Super Cr3w took the gold at the season finale of the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Yet again, the west coast won the whole thing. I guess California (many of Super Cr3w’s members are from southern CA) is a breeding ground for amazing crews. What really made Super Cr3w stand apart from everyone else was their unique bboy style and mind blowing stunts. They gave America a huge peek into the break dancing world and developed their choreography skills into a force to be reckoned with. Out of all the crews, Super Cr3w showed the most diversity and definitely deserved the champion title.

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The Ironic 80s Episode Downfall of Fanny Pak on America's Best Dance Crew

WHY DOES AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREWKEEP DOINGFanny Pak America THIS TO ME!?!? For the second season in a row, ABDC has eliminated my favorite crew on the second to last episode. They are so close and I am so excited for them, then BAMM! They are in the bottom two. I love Fanny Pak. Their creativity is out of this world. Who else can embody toy soldiers, cannibals, and sexual P.E. nerds so well? In their final performance on the show, they impersonated the judges and did an amazing remake of flash dance.

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Watch Out America's Best Dance Crew, ASIID is So "Dangerous"

Despite having an out of sync performance last week when Joey lost his hearing aid, ASIID still remained on topAmericain the audience’s hearts. The crew really stepped up to the speed up challenge. They killed both the slow and fast sections, and told a story through their dancing. ASIID set themselves apart from the other crews when they incorporated ballet in their hip hop routine. It was definitely refreshing to see a fusion of classical with modern dancing. I also have to commend them for how hard they always dance and how well they work together especially in light of Joey’s disability. During the background segment of the show, Joey mentioned he was having difficulty with the fast section because he couldn’t hear the music as well, but I didn’t notice any problems in his dancing. Even though I can’t stand Lil Mama, I have to admit that she was right in saying that Joey goes harder than anyone else in the crew.

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America's Best Dance Crew Goes Back to an 80s Prom with Fanny Pak

The hardest part of this week’s America’s Best Dance Crew speed-up challenge was figuring out a creativeAmericatransition to blend together the two sections. By far the most creative transition was Fanny Pak’s. They performed to Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body where they went back to a 1980s prom. It starts off with everyone dancing in pairs except for the blonde girl who acted like a rocker anti-prom chick. In order to get the party started, she poisons the punch and suddenly the prom gets a little crazy. Who would have ever thought that an idea as ridiculous as drinking spiked punch would actually make a great transition? My favorite part was when the white boys started shaking their booty. It was unexpected and entertaining.

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America's Best Dance Crew is BACK: The Live Auditions

I have six words for you: America’s Best Dance Crew is back. The live auditions of season 2 premiered on Saturday June 6, and let me say, the West Coast DOMINATED. So in celebration of the return of this amazing show, I put together a breakdown on the styles seen on the auditions. Check out the gallery to see styles featured on the show that you can buy.

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