Bonafide Icon NYC Busts onto the Scene with their Controversial T-shirts

These days, it seems like everyone loves (or loves to hate) clothing that sends a controversial message. The Bonafide Icon NYC Exploitedcontroversy generates buzz for the clothing company, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. French Connection UK anyone? A quick google search for “french connection uk controversy” yields almost 2 million results. When we here at Jetcomx stumbled across Bonafide Icon, we quickly noticed that one of their shirts was banned from KarmaLoop. I had to find out why. It turns out that KarmaLoop felt like the shirt, aptly named “Exploited”, was degrading to women and too provocative. But, this was not actually the case. On their website, Bonafide Icon stated that,

“…this design was not intended to depict women in a negative way, in fact it’s just the opposite! The design is a play on how the imagery of women is being recycled in pop culture, notice the title “exploited” and the recycling logo on the trash can.”
The Exploited tee is printed on high quality 100% cotton and is comfy as hell. I know this because I got one. Bonafide Icon has tees for both men and women.

Dream On T-shirt Bonafide Icon NYC

Swinger T-shirt Bonafide Icon NYC

Check out the entire Bonafide Icon lineup here.

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