Kallusive Exclusive: Kallusive Launches in Metroparks Nationwide

I am excited to announce the launch of Kallusive in all Kallusive Gorilla Tactics T-Shirt Metropark stores nationwide. If you don’t already know, Kallusive is an up and coming, LA-based clothing company. All of their shirts demand attention and would make any passerby look twice. The intricacy of their shirts is astounding (with details on the sleeves and along the bottom of the tees) and really requires
Kallusive Guardian Angel T-Shirtthat you take a closer look. Before now, Kallusive tees only came in sizes medium-XXL; now Metropark is lucky enough to be the only place carrying size small Kallusive shirts. Perfect, now I can wear Kallusive gear and not look like I’m wearing a bag. I highly suggest that after reading this, you go to the nearest Metropark store, and check out the unique designs Kallusive has. In addition to having men’s tees in size small, Metropark will be carrying the re-released Sound Escape design. If you can’t make it over to a Metropark, at least check out Kallusive’s online store and you will understand why I am obsessed with them.

When I was back in California, I had the opportunity Back of the Kallusive Concrete Jungle Hoodie to visit the Kallusive office in Baldwin Park. Although right now it’s still a relatively small company, Kallusive has the potential to do amazing things. The size of the company really works to its advantage, since it’s small enough that everyone involved has a big voice, but big enough that great things can get done. Nearing its two year anniversary, Kallusive was founded by Alex Cotraviwat and Michael Sam. They wanted to inspire the world but had no means to reach the masses. They decided that by using clothing as the media through which to spread their messages, they could evoke change on a much larget scale . With the help of designer Damien Lawson of Lawson Creative, Alex and Michael have been able to get their shirts with thought-provoking messages out to the world.

Front of Kallusive Kabuki White Tee

Kallusive’s slogan “Designed to inspire and spark innovation. Leave your mark.” completely embodies how this company works and what the clothing portrays. The innovative artwork and messages on their clothing provokes thought and represent more than “just another cool screenprint.” This helps set Kallusive apart from other “streetwear” category companies. In reality, Kallusive is a lifestyle brand with artwork that can be appreciated and understood by people from all over. A person does not necessarily have to be from a certain area or be part of a certain culture in order to appreciate the messages emblazoned on the shirts.

Recently, Kallusive came out with a new Back of Kallusive Kabuki White Teehoodie and new tee design available in two colors for fall. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the new Kabuki design in August and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of my own. I personally prefer the white tee over the military green one, mainly because I like how the the pink and blue pop out against the white background. Although the color combination of the Kabuki shirt is one of my favorites, what really got my attention was the Kallusive Sound Escape T-Shirt in Powder Bluemessage on the shirt: “subtle details, illusions, and hidden meanings, the intricate design of the costumes tell a story in themselves. Behind the glamour and excitement, pay attention to detail to see what truly lies within…” Wow. Although the message is talking about the Japanese theatre art form in particular, it could easily be applied to our society today. I really need to find some way to get to Natick Mall from BC and get this shirt in small.

On a closing note, I beg you to check out Kallusive’s site, the nearest Metropark, or Kazbah, a sister project of Karmaloop. The tees are only $35, which is cheap considering the quality and design of the t-shirts. If you like what you see, look out for future sweepstakes giving away free Kallusive gear! Also, thank you to Gail Sipin, marketing director of Kallusive, for providing a good chunk of this information.

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