Diplo and the Mad Decent Crew Take Cambridge & Boston by Storm

[caption id=”attachment_875” align=”alignnone” width=”570” caption=”Diplo Peforms at the Middle East in Cambridge”]Diplo Peforms at the Middle East in Cambridge[/caption]

Sweaty, drunken teen girls bumping and grinding with a giant slice of cheese pizza on a stage is usually something that only occurs in the most bizarre of fantasies. But, on Friday October 17th, Diplo and the Mad Decent crew (shoutout to Pizzaboy) made this a glorious reality.

Scheduled first to play at the Middle East nightclub in Cambridge, Massachusetts was South London’s Boy 8-Bit. His incredibly daft hands worked the turntables and mixers and crafted out amazing beats. His live remix of DJ Mujava’s Township Funk was simply amazing, as was his performance of the hit The Suspense is Killing Me. Unfortunately though, since it was 9:00PM, the dance floor was sparsely populated. Only a few hardcore hipsters were out there getting down.

At 10:00PM the all girl trio Telepathe (pronounced “TEL-EP-ATH-EE”) took center stage. Their music was a stark contrast to Boy 8-Bit’s upbeat club tracks. The tempo of the songs were pretty slow, and the guitar used the same few chords over and over. Poor microphone levels prevented most of the crowd from hearing lead singer Busy Gangnes’ vocals, but Telepathe managed to get the crowd going nonetheless.

When 10:30PM rolled around, Los Angeles’ Abe Vigoda took the stage. A few fans in the front row attempted to buy the shirt of of guitarist Juan Velazquez’s back for $10, which resulted in a hilarious “NO! I LIKE THIS SHIRT!” Age Vigoda then proceeded to rock out for the next 45 minutes or so.

After Abe Vigoda played their final song, it was time for what everyone came to see, Philly’s own Diplo. His set included 5 rectangular, colorful LED lights, that pulsated with the beat of the music. They also ended up blinding most of the people in the front row. As soon as he stepped on stage, the crowd began to go crazy. About 10 minutes into Diplo’s set, Pizzaboy popped out from backstage and got his groove on. In no time, a few girls hopped up on stage and danced. Following them were a few guys. After that, everyone else who wanted to get close to Diplo jumped up on stage. All in all, this was one of the sweatiest, most fun dance parties that I have ever been to in my life.

Check out the videos below. They are in chronological order of Diplo’s set.

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020325.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020326.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020328.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020329.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020330.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020338.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020345.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020346.flv 570 428]

[flv:/wp-content/video/diplo/P1020349.flv 570 428]

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