Broken Social Scene Performs Modest Mouse's "The World at Large"

Broken_Social_Scene_Kevin Drew

Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene recently performed their rendition of Modest Mouse’s hit 2004 song “The World at Large.” They did it in conjunction with The Voice Project, which is a non-profit that raises money for women in war-ravaged Northern Uganda. The Voice Project works by getting artists to cover other artists songs and continuing one long chain of covers. The artists thus spread the word about the non-profit and advertisers, sponsors, and individuals donate on their site.

The video gives a glimpse into what it’s like to be Broken Social Scene when they’re working in the studio. They definitely put their trademark sound into the Modest Mouse classic. I love the way they can seemingly just mess around on their instruments and create they perfect melody.

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New Crystal Castles "Celestica" Music Video

[caption id=”attachment_3239” align=”aligncenter” width=”565” caption=”Alice Glass of Crystal Castles”][/caption]

Experimental electronica duo Crystal Castles’ self-titled second album was released just last month to critical acclaim, and with good reason. It’s easily one of my favorite albums of the year, on par with Broken Bells’ self-titled debut, Broken Social Scene’s Forgiveness Rock Record, and The National’s High Violet. Tracks like “Doe Deer,” “Empathy,” “Vietnam,” “Intimate,” and “Celestica” have been on repeat on my iPod for the last 30 days.

The Canadian duo’s latest music video for “Celestica” has just been released. It features lead singer Alice Glass taking a leisurely stroll through a forest and eventually an overgrown cemetery during the day. A little strange and eerie, but then again, I’ve seen worse.

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