The 24 Best Songs of 2009...According to Courtney

I’m no expert here. I’m simply and honestly telling you the songs that I loved this past year - polls, charts, blogs, magazines aside. I avoided adding/removing songs just to reach some practical number, so there are only 24.

Here we go with the very subjective and biased Top 24 Songs of 2009!

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Auto-Tune: Do or Don't? Discovery says yes, Jay-Z says NO

Oh where did this all start? Although Roger Troutman or Teddy Riley are often credited for the first use of auto-tune, that was in fact the talkbox. I once heard that the pioneer of auto-tuning is none other than Cher. That’s right, ‘Do you believe in liiiiife after looooove!?’ Who knew this diva would influence artists in totally different genres.

T-Pain Auto-tune

Now it seems auto-tune is for the masses. Haters tend to target T-Pain, the most notorious (ab)user of auto-tune, but some others include Akon, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West. Now we see it spreading from R&B to indie rock with Discovery, the much talked-about love child of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot.

Personally, I’m at a loss. I do not know what to think of auto-tune. I had no respect for T-Pain until I watched his interview with DJ Skee of Los Angeles’ KIIS-FM. When asked about the active use of auto-tune in his music, he responded,

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