Graffiti Research Lab Develops Eye-tracking Technology to Help the Disabled [video]


Tony Quan has been stricken with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, for the past 7 years. ALS is a devastating neurological disease that slowly causes paralysis; those who have ALS essentially become prisoners within their own bodies. Tony is no different - the only parts of his body that he can move are his eyes.

That hasn’t stopped Tony from doing what he loves to do though - you see, Tony’s a graffiti artist who goes by the nickname Tempt One. When the people over at Graffiti Research Lab heard about Tony’s plight, they knew they had to do something. And they did. What they came up with was an ingenious solution - eye-tracking hardware and software that allowed Tony to draw with his eyes.

Watch the incredible video and see him tag an entire building.

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Laser Graffiti Redefines What You Thought You Knew About This Art Video and Gallery

Laser Graffiti Skyline
Forget everything you thought you knew about the art of graffiti and its culture. Done? Good. Now throw away your paintcans, gloves, masks, & stencils, and get ready to check out the revolutionary style of art known as laser graffiti. The guys over at Graffiti Research Lab have essentially perfected this craft. In order to create this art, they simply use:

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