Graffiti Research Lab Develops Eye-tracking Technology to Help the Disabled [video]


Tony Quan has been stricken with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, for the past 7 years. ALS is a devastating neurological disease that slowly causes paralysis; those who have ALS essentially become prisoners within their own bodies. Tony is no different - the only parts of his body that he can move are his eyes.

That hasn’t stopped Tony from doing what he loves to do though - you see, Tony’s a graffiti artist who goes by the nickname Tempt One. When the people over at Graffiti Research Lab heard about Tony’s plight, they knew they had to do something. And they did. What they came up with was an ingenious solution - eye-tracking hardware and software that allowed Tony to draw with his eyes.

Watch the incredible video and see him tag an entire building.

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A Glimpse into the Life and Work of DILLON

April has been a busy month for the artist known as DILLON, and he likes it that way. The American-born artist living in Italy has recently finished a new batch of work, done with some provocative concepts over some eye catching patterns (using aerosol over stencils and acrylic on canvas of course). He has also been showcasing his art at various shops and cafes around Italy, as well as embarking on a book signing tour.

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Beautiful/Decay Magazine Gets a Facelift (and then some)

Beautiful Decay magazine
Indie art, fashion, music, graffiti, and design magazine Beautiful/Decay is undergoing a complete overhaul. Starting with their July 2009 issue, Beautiful/Decay will have a number of new and innovative changes. I like to think of it as Beautiful/Decay 2.0. The magazine was started over 10 years ago as a hand-copied, black and white ‘zine. Since that time, it has quickly blossomed into one of the most well-known magazines in the industry. Today though, the state of the economy is wreaking havoc on many companies and businesses. Beautiful/Decay is no exception to that fact. But, instead of laying off workers, watering down content, or even going out of business, Beautiful/Decay has decided to be proactive about the situation and implement unique changes. They are even doing their part to be more environmentally friendly.

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Johannesburg and the 100 Trillion Dollar Ad Campaign

Zimbabwean Currency Wallpaper Art

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months or inside a deprivation chamber in prepartation for a mission to Mars, you’re well aware that the state of the world economy has turned to complete shit. One of the nations that is feeling the burn much worse than we are is Zimbabwe. The African nation is currently undergoing what is known as hyperinflation, which basically means that prices are rapidly increasing as the value of the currency is rapidly decreasing. Six months ago, the inflation rate was calculated to be at a staggering 516 quintillion percent or 516,000,000,000,000,000,000%. Zimbabwe’s currency has since been pronounced dead.

Earlier this week, the newspaper known as The Zimbabwean created one of the most unique and eye-catching guerrilla ad campaigns. In order to spread the word about the current dire conditions in Zimbabwe, they created posters, flyers, billboards, and murals made from Zimbabwean notes. They chose to display their works in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa.

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