Passion Pit Releases Video for 'Little Secrets'

This was exactly how I wanted to start my day this morning.

Not the most fitting visual? I mean, I can only hope this is sort of what it’s like when we discover the fourth dimension… when I cross, I don’t think this would be my first pick to rock in my space crystal.

Subjective appropriateness aside, it’s a video to enjoy, so enjoy!

Kia Soul Collective in Philadelphia Sept. 25-27

KIA Soul Collective Philly

For everyone out there who’s going to be in the Philly area this weekend, go and check out the Kia Soul Collective. It’s a free three-day music festival that will feature a number of great acts, including Popo, Amanda Blank, The Drums, Francis and the Lights, and MGMT. When was the last time you went to a free music festival that actually had a decent lineup? There will also be a number of DJs there including Paul Devro, Sammy Slice, DJ Sega, Nick The V, Dirty Joe South, and Dave P.

The festival will be held over near center city at the 23rd Street Armory. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re in Boston and can’t make it, because the festival is making its way up here in a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on that once they finalize the lineup.

All Grown Up - Jetcomx Turns 1 Year Old

[caption id=”attachment_1798” align=”aligncenter” width=”555” caption=”Kele Okereke of Bloc Party Wishes Us a Happy Birthday”]Kele Okereke of Bloc Party Wishes Us a Happy Birthday[/caption]

I can’t believe it, but 1 year ago today, Jetcomx as we know it was born. Back then, the site was more plain than vanilla ice-cream…in a cup. We were lucky to get 70 unique visitors in a week. We’ve definitely come a long way since that first post of ours. In the time since then, we’ve been featured on Digg’s front page a few times, migrated to 3 different servers, gave away some free gear, interviewed up and coming artists, picked up some new writers, and much, much more. Who knows what the next 365 days will bring?

Johannesburg and the 100 Trillion Dollar Ad Campaign

Zimbabwean Currency Wallpaper Art

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months or inside a deprivation chamber in prepartation for a mission to Mars, you’re well aware that the state of the world economy has turned to complete shit. One of the nations that is feeling the burn much worse than we are is Zimbabwe. The African nation is currently undergoing what is known as hyperinflation, which basically means that prices are rapidly increasing as the value of the currency is rapidly decreasing. Six months ago, the inflation rate was calculated to be at a staggering 516 quintillion percent or 516,000,000,000,000,000,000%. Zimbabwe’s currency has since been pronounced dead.

Earlier this week, the newspaper known as The Zimbabwean created one of the most unique and eye-catching guerrilla ad campaigns. In order to spread the word about the current dire conditions in Zimbabwe, they created posters, flyers, billboards, and murals made from Zimbabwean notes. They chose to display their works in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Philippe Petit and the Post Modern Crime Caper: A Review of Man on Wire

In passing, I had heard of the man who had walked across the Twin Towers on a tightrope. I racked it in my brain along with equally bizarre feats: the guy who crashed down Niagara Falls in a barrel, Evil Knievel jumping sixteen cars on his motorcycle, David Blaine being David Blaine—they’re all there together. I already knew the outcome; he made it across. It’s interesting and all, but I was skeptical of Man On Wire, a feature length documentary that focuses entirely on a single fleeting moment. Does the tightrope walker, Philippe Petit have a drug addiction and in his recovery realizes that he must fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a circus performer? Is he doing this as a means for funding an expensive surgery for his terminally ill child? Is it an extreme method for conquering his fear of heights? How is filmmaker James Marsh possibly going to engage me with ninety-four minutes of tightrope walking, and what melodramatic background story was he going to try and scam me with?

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