Beautiful/Decay Releases New Pieces to Fall 2008 Lineup

[caption id=”attachment_1093” align=”alignnone” width=”500” caption=”Aya Kato + B/D Line- \”Kobe\”- Women\’s”]Aya Kato + B/D Line- \"Kobe\"- Women\'s[/caption]
On Tuesday, Los Angeles based clothing company Beautiful/Decay unveiled three new Artists Series Apparel t-shirts. Two of these designs came from typographical wizard Alex Trochut. The third is a Sentimental Soycheese mandalic homage to the coming of the apocalypse (according to the Mayan calendar) in 2012.
Also released this week, were four new designs (including the “Kobe” for girls) from Aya Kato’s fantastical, Japanese-manga-meets-French-art-noveau magical mind. The patterns and designs on these shirts are sick.

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55DSL Fall & Winter 2008/2009 Collection Released

Now that it’s really starting to get cold (at least on the east coast), it’s time to start looking for new jackets that make a statement. For those who don’t want to just stick with the typical (and boring) Northface jackets, take a look at the various ones 55DSL are offering this season. 55DSL started off as an experimental spin-off of Diesel, but has now developed is own fun and exuberant personality. It has created a creative fusion of radical sports (surf, skate, snow) and urban culture. 55DSL wants their clothing to transition effortlessly from the sports scene, whether it be a mountainside or skate park, to the city scene. If the line’s clothing can withstand the weather and conditions of the mountainside, it should be able to withstand the toughest elements in the city.

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The Cesario in Purple Buffalo by Creative Recreation

So everyone goes through their obsessions every once in a while, and my obsession for the past year has been plaid. In particular, I love buffalo plaid. The fact that it’s getting colder (at least on the east coast) sucks, but it also means that I can get out my funky red buffalo plaid jacket/top. So when I started looking for a new pair of sneakers, it was only natural for me to gravitate towards Creative Recreation’s Purple Buffalo Sneakers. Although normally I tend to prefer lumberjack red buffalo print, I like the purple version of these high top sneakers simply because the purple gives them a more feminine look. Plaid itself has a very masculine look to it, but with the right styling it can give a girl an outfit with an edgy yin and yang of male and female. With these shoes though, the red version of the shoes was a little too masculine looking for my taste. The style of the sneaker itself is bulkier, so with the red buffalo print…the shoe just wasn’t balanced. However, the purple adds enough of a girly flair that the sneakers work. Plus, I really like the velcro over the front of the shoe. If you like what you see, check them out at Karmaloop here and snag a pair. Don’t forget to use the code AI23807 to get 20% off of your order!

Nike Terminator High Supreme - Snake Skin / Silver / Navy Make a Statement

Whenever someone wants a fly pair of sneakers, the default shoes everyone tends to look for are Nike Nike Terminator High Supreme - Snake Skin / Silver / NavyDunks. Dunks will always be stylish, but why not switch things up a bit and go for a fly pair of Nike Terminators? Compared to Dunks, the shape of the Terminator High Supremes is narrower and more fitted. The Terminators still have the typical oversized look of Nikes, but have a less bulky appearance than Dunks. The style makes me think of a riced out pair of Vans high tops.

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The Roots of Obey Clothing: Andre the Giant Has a Posse

Since I came home for the summer, I have been spending a lot of my shopping time in TheAndre the Giant has a posse Closet: California Couture. Everything they have in there is the epitome of street California fashion, which is definitely a style I have missed a lot since I moved out to Boston. All my time intensely searching through the racks at The Closet has made me fall in love with the company OBEY. Their screenprints grab your attention and have a message that means more than “it looks cool.”

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