New Quiksilver Women's Line Makes Waves in the Fashion World

“Just as I was finally reaching a point in my life where I was beginning to feel a part of somethingQuiksilver Womens Line, I’ve become restless for a new me.” The slogan of the Quiksilver Women ad campaign sums up the reason that after 40 years Quiksilver has decided to develop a new women’s line. Since its start, Quiksilver has been focused on creating clothing for the surf guys. Eventually, the company developed Roxy for the beach directions. However, Quiksilver decided to go away from the beach with their new women’s line that focuses on a more mature and fashionable woman. There is still a surf culture influence behind the new line, but the clothes have a more dressed up feel to them. It’s the Roxy girl when she goes away from the ocean and into the city.

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Once Upon a Time in New York T-shirts at KarmaLoop

The people over at KarmaLoop have got some fresh new gear in stock. I figured that this would be a greatOnce Upon a Time in New York We Run Boston T-shirt opportunity to mention my new favorite clothing company (for the next 24 hours or so), Once Upon a Time in New York. Their t-shirts are bold and make a statement, literally. I eyed this clever “We Run Boston” tee and know that I have to get it. If Boston isn’t your city, there are plenty of variations on this “We Run __“ tee. They also have an “I Got More Kicks Than Chun-Li” tee and a “If Notorious Big was Alive 90% of Rappers Today Would Be Working at McDonalds”. Hahaha.

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Make a Statement with your Bookbag: Incase Nylon Backpack

Right now, summer is kickin’ in full gear. It seems like the fall is so far away. However, this isn’t theIncase Nylon Backpack Graycase; fall is creeping closer and closer with every passing minute. With fall comes the exciting, fresh, new school year. You’re going to need something durable and fashionable to carry around your laptop, iPod, textbooks, pens, pencils, and everything else. What better excuse to cop the Incase Nylon Backpack?
Incase has a reputation of pairing minimalism and elegance with mad functionality. They make a wide range of electronic accessories, but nothing as sweet as the Nylon Backpack. It has a ton of features including:

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Leaked Pictures of the Nike SB Kicks Spring 2009 Line-Up

It’s been reported from that the entire Spring 2009 Nike SB catalog has been leaked. This is greatnike-sb-2009-spring-28-plaidnews for sneakerheads who have been anticipating this release. Included in these pictures is the brand new Low-Cut Zoom Air Veloce, as well as the P-Rod IIs, Blazers, Blazer Hybrids, and Dunk Highs, Lows & Mids. The hottest, though, definitely have to be the white canvas Mids. Check out the entire gallery after the jump.

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Fresh Tank Theory Samurai Black T-Shirt at KarmaLoop

Today is the the 4th of July; America’s own Independence Day. As per the annual tradition, every 4th of JulyThe Samurai T-shirt by Tank Theory evening explosions of color mark the sky. “The Samurai” tee by Tank Theory also features an explosion of colors, which some say resemble miniature fireworks. Tank Theory is a t-shirt brand and design company that essentially produces wearable art. The designs that they have are totally unique and stunning. They describe themselves as “original in concept, design, and execution.”

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