Beautiful/Decay Magazine Gets a Facelift (and then some)

Beautiful Decay magazine
Indie art, fashion, music, graffiti, and design magazine Beautiful/Decay is undergoing a complete overhaul. Starting with their July 2009 issue, Beautiful/Decay will have a number of new and innovative changes. I like to think of it as Beautiful/Decay 2.0. The magazine was started over 10 years ago as a hand-copied, black and white ‘zine. Since that time, it has quickly blossomed into one of the most well-known magazines in the industry. Today though, the state of the economy is wreaking havoc on many companies and businesses. Beautiful/Decay is no exception to that fact. But, instead of laying off workers, watering down content, or even going out of business, Beautiful/Decay has decided to be proactive about the situation and implement unique changes. They are even doing their part to be more environmentally friendly.

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Beautiful/Decay Influences the Creative World Through Its Apparel

beautiful decay x soldier

Nowadays, it seems as if it is getting harder and harder to find magazines or publications with any substance. But for those interested in venturing into eclectic bookstores (i.e. Trident on Boston’s Newbury Street), look for the art and design publication Beautiful/Decay. Immediately, the cover draws in any passersby with it’s provoking and contemporary artwork. The cover of the recent issue X has a colorful portrayal of a soldier covered in graffiti standing in the middle of a surreal jungle scene. But the cover is only the beginning of what it holds printed inside. There are pages and pages of contemporary artwork from new artists, making Beautiful/Decay a great stepping-stone for emerging talent. In addition to the publication which is printed quarterly, Beautiful/Decay also has a website and e-mail newsletter that provides more information about the creative world and updates on B/D ventures, respectively.

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JackThreads: Get Your Daily Street Fashion Fix

Think of a few street fashion places that you know of. What comes to mind? Maybe stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Maybe you’re familiar with Boston own KarmaLoop. You might even know of places like DigitalGravel, JohnnyCupcakes, and 410BC. Alright, imagine a world in which these stores only sold one kickass item each day, instead of an overwhelming heap of mediocre stuff. Now imagine that the one kickass item was 50% off or more, every day. This is the concept behind JackThreads, a relatively new online street fashion boutique based out of Ohio.

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Beautiful/Decay Releases New Pieces to Fall 2008 Lineup

[caption id=”attachment_1093” align=”alignnone” width=”500” caption=”Aya Kato + B/D Line- \”Kobe\”- Women\’s”]Aya Kato + B/D Line- \"Kobe\"- Women\'s[/caption]
On Tuesday, Los Angeles based clothing company Beautiful/Decay unveiled three new Artists Series Apparel t-shirts. Two of these designs came from typographical wizard Alex Trochut. The third is a Sentimental Soycheese mandalic homage to the coming of the apocalypse (according to the Mayan calendar) in 2012.
Also released this week, were four new designs (including the “Kobe” for girls) from Aya Kato’s fantastical, Japanese-manga-meets-French-art-noveau magical mind. The patterns and designs on these shirts are sick.

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