Beautiful/Decay Influences the Creative World Through Its Apparel

beautiful decay x soldier

Nowadays, it seems as if it is getting harder and harder to find magazines or publications with any substance. But for those interested in venturing into eclectic bookstores (i.e. Trident on Boston’s Newbury Street), look for the art and design publication Beautiful/Decay. Immediately, the cover draws in any passersby with it’s provoking and contemporary artwork. The cover of the recent issue X has a colorful portrayal of a soldier covered in graffiti standing in the middle of a surreal jungle scene. But the cover is only the beginning of what it holds printed inside. There are pages and pages of contemporary artwork from new artists, making Beautiful/Decay a great stepping-stone for emerging talent. In addition to the publication which is printed quarterly, Beautiful/Decay also has a website and e-mail newsletter that provides more information about the creative world and updates on B/D ventures, respectively.

[caption id=”attachment_1441” align=”aligncenter” width=”570” caption=”Rokurokubi by Aya Kato”]Rokurokubi[/caption]

Another way Beautiful/Decay reaches out to its audience (and perhaps the most creative way) is through its artist-inspired apparel line. All the artists who design for the line have been featured in the B/D publication and were picked because of their extraordinary talent and ability to catch the attention of readers. The artists, who range in their styles and themes, are given the opportunity to design 1-2 shirts for the Artist Series Apparel and showcase their artwork through a contemporary media. Under the direction of Something in the Universe (an extension of Beautiful/Decay), the apparel line has been able to grow significantly and produce screen prints of more than 40 emerging artists.

[caption id=”attachment_1442” align=”aligncenter” width=”570” caption=”Frog Prince by Aya Kato”]Frog Prince[/caption]

Unlike most artists who collaborate with the Artist Series Apparel line for only a couple shirts, Aya Kato has collaborated with Beautiful/Decay in order to form her own unique line.

“For me, the beauty of Japanese art is in its two dimensions – its deepness and the beauty of the outlines. I often find inspiration from books or poetic language and my pieces extend from there. I like to think the passion I have for my work is expressed through the images I produce and would love to collaborate with people all over the world – in music, illustration and fashion.” - Aya Kato
Her style of combing Art Nouveau with Japanese scroll art is particularly reflected in her designs “Frog Prince” and “Rokurokubi.” Both of these shirts exhibit Kato’s strong Japanese influence along with her unique and imaginative perspective.

[caption id=”attachment_1447” align=”aligncenter” width=”570” caption=”Lung Music by Jan Kallwejt”]Lung Music by Jan Kallwejt[/caption]

By working with artists such as Aya Kato, Beautiful/Decay has been able to help new, influential artists reach a larger audience. By giving people in the creative world access to new art, _Beautiful/Decay _is doing both sides of the creative world a service. What started out as a fun project for creative director Amir H. Fallah and his neighbor has blossomed into the sophisticated art and design business it is today.

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