JackThreads: Get Your Daily Street Fashion Fix

Think of a few street fashion places that you know of. What comes to mind? Maybe stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Maybe you’re familiar with Boston own KarmaLoop. You might even know of places like DigitalGravel, JohnnyCupcakes, and 410BC. Alright, imagine a world in which these stores only sold one kickass item each day, instead of an overwhelming heap of mediocre stuff. Now imagine that the one kickass item was 50% off or more, every day. This is the concept behind JackThreads, a relatively new online street fashion boutique based out of Ohio.

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Contest #2: Design a Sticker for Jetcomx and Win a Triko Tee, an Insight Tee, and a Mishka 59/50 New Era Fitted Hat

Congratulations to Billi Kid for winning Contest #1! Billi Kid’s design will be the new banner for the site. With his amazing design, Billi Kid won a Bonafide Icon NYC Exploited t-shirt. Now that Contest #1 is done, it’s time to explain Contest #2.

General Description: We want you to design us a sweet looking image with 3”x3” dimensions. Your image will then be turned into a sticker. Be as creative and artistic as possible. Browse around Flickr and Deviantart if you need some ideas, then fire up Photoshop. When you think you’re done, email the image to submissions@jetcomx.com. After approximately two weeks, the best design will be selected and the creator will win the prize. See below for details on the prize.

Specifics: The design must contain the word “jetcomx” somewhere. We prefer that you send in vectorized designs, but we will consider any type of design. This is simply because vectorized designs are much easier to turn into stickers. Your image must be 3”x3”. You can send us a .jpeg, .png, or .tiff. If you are chosen as the winner, you must send us the .PSD.

Prize: Jason and the rest of the crew over at JackThreads.com were kind enough to supply the prize for this contest, which retails for $100 even. The winner will receive the following:

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