30+ of the Best Examples of Vinyl Sleeveface

Vinyl album covers are like fine works of art. They are an expression of artistic intent. They have defined entire generations. They have reshaped the world. It’s too bad that many vinyl owners shove their LP’s into a cabinet or drawer, never to see the light of day again. There is hope, though. A new trend, aptly known as sleeveface, has begun to take the internet by storm. In order to create a great sleeveface, you simply take an album cover and position it in a way that causes an illusion. If you throw in a dash of creativity, the results can be incredible. Without further ado, here are 39 awesome examples of sleeveface.

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Paul Mawhinney and the World's Largest Record Collection Video

Sixty-nine year old Paul Mawhinney is the owner of the largest record collection in the world. His collectionPaul Mawhinney World spans every single genre of American music, from rock to jazz, country to R&B, blues to broadway - the list goes on. He even has a record that is over 127 years old. What’s more amazing is the fact that more than half of his collection is brand new. You see, Paul Mawhinney used to own a record shop until it closed down earlier this year. He made it a habit to keep the last copy of every record that was ever sold there.

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