The Story of Grizzly Bear and Patrick Daughters' Magical Brain

[caption id=”attachment_2234” align=”aligncenter” width=”565” caption=”Feist and Patrick Daughters”]Feist and Patrick Daughters[/caption]

Once upon a time there was this brilliant film director named Patrick Daughters who directed short films, commercials and videos for indie artists. They were brilliant. The end?

Ooh, not even close. This Cali cool man is all but 33 years old, pumping out more indie-related videos than a 17-year-old guitar player with a bad haircut and a YouTube account. He’s the one behind the avant-garde, split screen video of King of Leon’s ‘Bucket’ and the iPod-induced sensation of Feist’s ‘1234’ (not to mention the ultra chic ‘My Moon My Man,’ ‘Mushaboom,’ and ‘I Feel it All’).

I’ve always loved the noir feel of this video:
[media id=68 width=570 height=428]

You may also recognize these wow-wow videos directed by Daughters:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - ‘Date With a Night/‘ ‘Maps’/‘Turn Into’
Bright Eyes - ‘Four Winds’/‘Hot Knives’
The Shins - ‘Phantom Limb’
MIKA - ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’
Death Cab for Cutie - ‘Title and Registration’
Beck - ‘Nausea’

So it’s no surprise Grizzly Bear’s video for ‘Two Weeks’ is raising eyebrows… it’s just another masterpiece from the dancing, floating, spinning mind of Daughters.
Released from their latest album Veckatimest, ‘Two Weeks’ has this juke-ragtime feeling with just enough sunshine to give you the creeps. The video most definitely does it justice:

[media id=69 width=570 height=428]

‘Two Weeks’ cries a sad sort of romantic with its simple lyrics and harmonies that have an I-found-Jesus vibe. In the video, the loafing lids over bug eyes plus those slow-forming smirks reflect the lovesick melancholy in the song, and the holy locale just ties everything together for me.

Three cheers to Grizzly Bear and Patrick Daughters! A beautiful playoff fit for an independent film festival.

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