The Story of Grizzly Bear and Patrick Daughters' Magical Brain

[caption id=”attachment_2234” align=”aligncenter” width=”565” caption=”Feist and Patrick Daughters”]Feist and Patrick Daughters[/caption]

Once upon a time there was this brilliant film director named Patrick Daughters who directed short films, commercials and videos for indie artists. They were brilliant. The end?

Ooh, not even close. This Cali cool man is all but 33 years old, pumping out more indie-related videos than a 17-year-old guitar player with a bad haircut and a YouTube account. He’s the one behind the avant-garde, split screen video of King of Leon’s ‘Bucket’ and the iPod-induced sensation of Feist’s ‘1234’ (not to mention the ultra chic ‘My Moon My Man,’ ‘Mushaboom,’ and ‘I Feel it All’).

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Boston Through the Eyes of Nick Keating

[caption id=”attachment_894” align=”alignnone” width=”500” caption=”Boston Through the Eyes of Nick Keating”]Boston Through the Eyes of Nick Keating[/caption]

This amazing short film by Nick Keating reflects the personal experiences of a man living and exploring the beautiful city of Boston. From his video description:

I try to ride my bike around Boston everyday, listening to my ipod, and enjoying all the beautiful things the city has to offer. Riding my bike is a time to relax, reflect and just get away from any or all worries. Every shot in this video is a point along my ride that I stop and think about life. This short is meant to show how I see Boston, every time I go for a ride. Enjoy.

Tech mumbo-jumbo:
Shot with Sony FX1
Edited with Final Cut Pro
Song: Air “La Femme d’Argent”

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Boston Man Converts 3,038 Photos Over 3 Days into a Video

This is probably one of the most interesting ideas that I’ve seen in a short while. Basically, a man by the name of Robbie snapped over3 Days - 3,038 Photos 3,000 pictures on his Canon 5D SLR of his life in Boston over 3 days. This includes his rides on the T, visits work and school, etc. After that was all done, he converted the pictures into a short film by playing them rapidly in the order they were taken. This is what he got. The music is “Dry Lips” by Lightspeed Champion.

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