16 More Examples of Political Street Art and Graffiti from Around the World (Part Deux)

Two weeks ago, we here at Jetcomx published a short article entitled 14 Amazing Works of Political Graffiti and Street Art from Around the World. It quickly became the most viewed article on our site. Due to the popularity of the first article, it was only natural that we once again showcase a few more hand-picked examples of the most fascinating political street art and graffiti from around the world. Without further ado, we present to you, part deux:

16. John McCain’s new campaign slogan: McCain’t. This was found in Austin, Texas.
John McCain McCain\

15. A TV show poster is modified to portray the faces of Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and Condi Rice.
Cheney Bush Condoleeza Rice Street Art

14. We live in the age of the laser guided democracy. Seen in the Soho section of New York City.
Laser Guided Democracy Soho NYC

13. Barack Obama says that this is our moment. This was found in Brooklyn, New York City.
Barack Obama This is our Moment Brooklyn NYC

12. Barack Obama looks good on an orange background. Designed by Billi Kid.
Barack Obama Billi Kid Orange

11. Barack Obama is good with words.
Barack Obama Stencil Graffiti WORD

10. Ronald Reagan and Zombie Reagan make an appearance this election season.
Ronald Reagan Grey Graffiti

Ronald Reagan as a cat (or mouse).
Ronald Reagan Cat Graffiti

Zombie Reagan needs BRAAAAAAIIINNNSSSS. Zombie Reagan was found in Washington, DC.
Zombie Reagan Graffiti Washington DC

9. Richard Nixon also decides to make an appearance during the 2008 presidential election season. This particular piece was found in Paris, France.
Richard Nixon OBEY Street Art Paris

This piece was seen in Brooklyn, New York City.
Richard Nixon Poster Brooklyn NYC

8. Dick Cheney clutches his infamous shotgun, dressed in Wild West garb. Designed by Billi Kid. This poster was pasted on the corner of Bellevue and Memorial Avenues in Newport, Rhode Island.
Dick Cheney Shotgun Wheatpaste Poster Billi Kid Newport

This version was seen on Wooster Street between Grand and Canal in New York City.
Dick Cheney Shotgun Street Art Billi Kid NYC

7. John McCain sprouts wings and spews (or sucks) what looks to be oil funnels in this graffiti piece.
John McCain Wings Oil Graffiti

6. Barack Obama knows how to use cans. Seen at the Cans Festival in London.
Barack Obama Spray Paint Can Graffiti Cans Festival

5. Barack Obama and John McCain hang out with a little girl in this graffiti piece in Spokane, Washington.
Barack Obama John McCain Girl Graffiti Spokane Washington

4. George W. Bush is a true cowboy at heart. This was seen on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Davis Street, Queens. Designed by Billi Kid.
George W Bush Red Cowboy Billi Kid NYC

This poster was seen on 22nd street between 10th and 11th in New York City.
George W Bush Cowboy NYC Billi Kid

3. Al Gore has always been known to love the Earth. Now we know why. This piece was found in London, England.
Al Gore Earth BJ Street Art

2. Sarah Palin was once crowned Miss Wassilla. Maybe she has a future in bodybuilding? Both of these were found in New York City and created by Billi Kid.
Sarah Palin Bodybuilder by Billi Kid NYC

Sarah Palin Bodybuilder Billi Kid Wheatpaste NYC

1. “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick.” -Sarah Palin
This stencil piece features Sarah Palin’s head on pitbull’s body wearing lipstick. It was found on Ponce de Leon Ave in Atlanta, Georgia in between Briarcliff and Highland. The artist is unknown at this time.
Sarah Palin Head Stencil Graffiti Pitbull Lipstick

This is the same exact piece as above, but shot from a different angle.
Sarah Palin Street Art Graffiti Pitbull Lipstick White Atlanta

Here is the same piece cleverly placed on a billboard underneath text reading “This is why we are FUCK’D.”
Sarah Palin Pitbull Lipstick Billboard

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