Sincerely, Severely, Morningbell

Going into this article, I had this idea of finding local musicians around the US and writing about them one at a time. As a student at the University of Florida, I’m fully immersed in the local scene, so I’ve found some really great local musicians. And, as a budding journalist, I had hoped to share these awesome local musicians with the world. My personal favorite Gainesville local is Morningbell. I bought their newest album at their show a few weeks ago (best $10 I’ve ever spent) and have been listening nonstop. Now, sitting down to write this article, I found that Morningbell has obtained national attention. They’ve played Bonnaroo, they played this year’s SXSW, they’ve been featured in Blender Magazine, on, and they’ve released 4 albums. (They also have a side project called Shitty Beatles which just plays incredible Beatles covers in Gainesville.) The reason I had no idea about all of this is because they really are Gainesville locals. They play shows almost weekly, they hang out with people in Gainesville, and they play shows at the university that are free to the public. They also don’t brag that they’re bigger than Gainesville, which is always a good thing. But the truth is, they’re amazing.

Morningbell is a psychedelic rock band that’s vivacious and ready for a party. Every song has a unique drum beat, an individual sound, and a succulent vibe. Their sounds make you taste the rainbow more than Skittles ever has or ever will. They use hard-hitting, vivacious sounds to suck in their listeners and keep you hanging on with sweet vocals. They could even be called white boy funk… That might just be my analysis.

But there’s no doubt, you just gotta get up to get down with Morningbell.

If you’re looking for something that makes you jump around like the Mad Hatter, take three minutes and listen to this band. You won’t be disappointed.

You can purchase their most recent album, Sincerely, Severely on iTunes.

The Knife Release 'Colouring of Pigeons' from Upcoming Opera Album


Swedish brother and sister duo The Knife has just released an epic 11-minute long track from their upcoming album Tomorrow, In A Year. Not due to be released until March 1st, Tomorrow, In A Year is the studio recorded version of an opera that brother Olof and sister Karin created based on Charles Darwin. The opera premiered back in September 2009 at Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Theatre to mainly positive reviews. They continue to perform shows all across Europe.

The Knife gained legions of fans back in 2006 while going on tour to promote their album Silent Shout. Pitchfork went on to proclaim Silent Shout as the best album of 2006 and the song “Silent Shout” as the #2 best song of the year.

This new song “Colouring of Pigeons” is a major departure from the classic Knife that we’ve come to know and adore. For one thing, there aren’t electronic instruments of any kind; just what sounds like to be drums, bongos, cymbals, violins and/or cellos, and vocals. After a few listens though it starts to become quite catchy. Take a listen.

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My First Bonnaroo Experience: Special thanks to Wonder Waffle, Of Montreal and the Healing Shaman

17 Hours have never passed so quickly. Maybe it was the stop at Sonic that kept us going (us New Englanders think of it as some Holy Grail of fast food), but most likely it was the excitement of Bonnaroo finally becoming a reality. Honestly, I feel like my visit in Manchester, TN was a fantasy I dreamt up for my own fun. But it happened, and I have the lime green wristband, 3D ticket, and tie-dye t-shirt to prove it.


Even when you talk with people who went, Bonnaroo is hard to describe. If there’s a God, I hope heaven is a big ol’ Bonnaroo in the sky (sure as hell I’d go to church more often). Some friends from Boston College plus some and I all arrived around 5 am on Thursday, pitching our tent and canopy by the light of the sunrise. We napped, and then the adventure officially started.

Here’s the layout of Bonnaroo, 700 acres of former farming lands: Centeroo is an area where all the stages are located and carnival-like vendors. That majestic red archway you see in your friends’ Facebook albums? That’s the entrance to Centeroo. They sell anything from traditional pizza to deep fried gator, and as far as souvenirs go, buy a cool band posters or a didgeridoo. When and if you go, make sure to stop at the Wonder Waffle stand to get the hot waffle sandwich: a cube of vanilla ice cream between two thick waffles smothered in chocolate syrup. Surrounding Centeroo are all the campsites grouped by movie titles and divided by that movie’s characters. Ours was Pussy Galore in the James Bond area… we all got a kick out of that. Port-a-potties are located throughout, and you get used to peeing in the dark after the first two nights. Showering is a no-no. I mean you can for a little less then 10 bucks, but if you’re going to Bonnaroo you might as well do it up right.

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Team Teamwork Presents The Good-ass Remixes Vol. 1

Team Teamwork The Good Ass Remixes Vol. 1

Just stumbled across this collection of sick remixes that was released the other day from Team Teamwork, thanks to my girl Courtney. It’s so good, that I couldn’t wait around for Mixtape Mondays — I had to post it now in time for the weekend. The Good-ass Remixes Vol. 1 is the second release by Team Teamwork. Their first was The Ocarina of Rhyme, which was a mash-up album featuring hip-hop and the soundtrack of the video game classic The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

On The Good-ass Remixes Vol. 1, Team Teamwork mixes and mashes T.I., Lil Wayne, Kanye, Nas, Talib Kweli, UGK, Slim Thug, Ghostface, Outkast, and others with the likes of Sigur Rós, Iron & Wine, Elliott Smith, M83, Múm and more. The result is wonderfully danceable and catchy. I’d consider Team Teamwork to be like The Hood Internet‘s hot sister. The group is relatively unknown at the moment, but I would not be surprised at all to see them playing at Coachella or Bonnaroo in a few years time.


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Passion Pit's Music Video for "The Reeling" [HD]

Passion PitJust stumbled across the music video for Passion Pit’s hit song “The Reeling.” The effects in this video, not to mention the song itself, are completely dope. I love the vintage and gritty feel that the beginning of the video gives off. This is one of the most creative videos that I’ve seen in a while and it definitely gets my vote as one of the coolest music videos of 2009. I’m sure that this will be in everyone’s top 10 list come December.

In case you forgot, Passion Pit’s debut album Manners dropped last week among critical acclaim. You should pick up the album, if you haven’t already. They will also be playing at Bonnaroo on June 11th in Manchester, Tennessee.

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