Earl Sweatshirt - Chum (Explicit)

Earl Sweatshirt's 'Chum'

Two words: he’s back. Following a yearlong stint at Coral Reef Academy in Samoa, Earl Sweatshirt, Odd Future’s prodigal son has finally returned. Prior to this exile, the young Earl was wildly hyped up as one of hip-hop’s best rising emcees for his technical rapping abilities and mastery of assonance and multisyllabic rhymes. Following the release of his latest track “Chum” in early November, it appears as though all the accolades may not have been in vain. While Earl’s earlier work was characterized with violent and graphic content, “Chum,” offers a drastic change in subject mater for the young emcee. A deep and morose examination of conscious, it is complimented by the recent release of its music video counterpart.

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A Little Insight into Die Antwoord

What to say about Die Antwoord… This group of rappers, DJs, and singers is creating the most ridiculously strange dance/rap music of all time. First of all, it isn’t all in English, they choose Afrikaans instead. When they do decide to speak English, it’s almost completely unintelligible. With names like Ninja, Yo-Landi, and DJ Hi-Tek and lines like, “Be my samurai.” or “This is like, the coolest song I ever heard.”, you can’t help but love this group. They fill the niche we didn’t even know existed: weird foreign dance rap! It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s… well, it’s just plain odd. But just take my word that you’ll be so happy listening to them that you won’t be able to sit still. You’ll be up dancing with me as soon as you hear DJ Hi-Tek’s “next level beats”.

Despite the total ridiculousness of everything they do, Die Antwoord has beats that are curiously awesome. Ninja’s Dizzy Rascal-esque raps, Yo-Landi’s high-pitched, eerie, childlike voice, and DJ Hi-Tek’s beats come together to form this crazy, strange, non-stop party. It’s like, Dance Dance Revolution meets South Africa meets the hood. All you want to do is figure out what they’re talking about and when you can’t do that, you just have to join in and party with them.

The best thing about Die Antwoord is how absolutely serious they are about what they’re doing. At the beginning of their album, Ninja says, “I represent South African culture…I’m like all these different things, all these different people fucked into one person.” From what they say in their lyrics and the way they act in their videos, I’m pretty sure Die Antwoord thinks they’re the best thing since sliced bread. The sad thing is, I might have to agree. Listening to Die Antwoord will make you want to giggle and dance around and possibly punch something/someone… but don’t hurt anyone. Just enjoy the ridiculousness of it all and grin because the Ninja will always protect you.

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Phoenix Performs "1901" on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Phoenix band

Last night, French alt rock band Phoenix made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and performed their hit song “1901.” I was glad they finally stopped by The Tonight Show to play for Conan and Andy, because lately it seems like they’ve been popping up everywhere else.

Earlier in the summer, the group was seen touting Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix on shows like Late Night with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and even Saturday Night Live. And just the other day I saw that they’ve been featured in a Cadillac commercial. Have they sold out? Maybe. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that “1901” is an awesome song. Besides, if Santogold (aka Santigold) can be featured in a crappy light beer commercial and still retain her credibility, then Phoenix has nothing to worry about.

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My First Bonnaroo Experience: Special thanks to Wonder Waffle, Of Montreal and the Healing Shaman

17 Hours have never passed so quickly. Maybe it was the stop at Sonic that kept us going (us New Englanders think of it as some Holy Grail of fast food), but most likely it was the excitement of Bonnaroo finally becoming a reality. Honestly, I feel like my visit in Manchester, TN was a fantasy I dreamt up for my own fun. But it happened, and I have the lime green wristband, 3D ticket, and tie-dye t-shirt to prove it.


Even when you talk with people who went, Bonnaroo is hard to describe. If there’s a God, I hope heaven is a big ol’ Bonnaroo in the sky (sure as hell I’d go to church more often). Some friends from Boston College plus some and I all arrived around 5 am on Thursday, pitching our tent and canopy by the light of the sunrise. We napped, and then the adventure officially started.

Here’s the layout of Bonnaroo, 700 acres of former farming lands: Centeroo is an area where all the stages are located and carnival-like vendors. That majestic red archway you see in your friends’ Facebook albums? That’s the entrance to Centeroo. They sell anything from traditional pizza to deep fried gator, and as far as souvenirs go, buy a cool band posters or a didgeridoo. When and if you go, make sure to stop at the Wonder Waffle stand to get the hot waffle sandwich: a cube of vanilla ice cream between two thick waffles smothered in chocolate syrup. Surrounding Centeroo are all the campsites grouped by movie titles and divided by that movie’s characters. Ours was Pussy Galore in the James Bond area… we all got a kick out of that. Port-a-potties are located throughout, and you get used to peeing in the dark after the first two nights. Showering is a no-no. I mean you can for a little less then 10 bucks, but if you’re going to Bonnaroo you might as well do it up right.

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