New Sketches by RVCA/Facebook Artist David Choe


It’s been quite a while since there’s been some art featured on here, so I figured it’s time for a change. I just stumbled across a couple of sketches by David Choe, a pretty accomplished artist/muralist who has done pieces for retailers like UPPERPLAYGROUND and brands like RVCA. Oh, and he was also the guy that was hired by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to paint the walls of their Palo Alto headquarters. Pretty awesome.

These particular mesmerizing sketches were inspired by three different women on the New York subway.

Blonde with Glasses on NY Subway


Choe has a very distinct style of drawing that tends to differentiate his works from others. Take a look at some of his other pieces and you’ll see what I mean:

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My First Bonnaroo Experience: Special thanks to Wonder Waffle, Of Montreal and the Healing Shaman

17 Hours have never passed so quickly. Maybe it was the stop at Sonic that kept us going (us New Englanders think of it as some Holy Grail of fast food), but most likely it was the excitement of Bonnaroo finally becoming a reality. Honestly, I feel like my visit in Manchester, TN was a fantasy I dreamt up for my own fun. But it happened, and I have the lime green wristband, 3D ticket, and tie-dye t-shirt to prove it.


Even when you talk with people who went, Bonnaroo is hard to describe. If there’s a God, I hope heaven is a big ol’ Bonnaroo in the sky (sure as hell I’d go to church more often). Some friends from Boston College plus some and I all arrived around 5 am on Thursday, pitching our tent and canopy by the light of the sunrise. We napped, and then the adventure officially started.

Here’s the layout of Bonnaroo, 700 acres of former farming lands: Centeroo is an area where all the stages are located and carnival-like vendors. That majestic red archway you see in your friends’ Facebook albums? That’s the entrance to Centeroo. They sell anything from traditional pizza to deep fried gator, and as far as souvenirs go, buy a cool band posters or a didgeridoo. When and if you go, make sure to stop at the Wonder Waffle stand to get the hot waffle sandwich: a cube of vanilla ice cream between two thick waffles smothered in chocolate syrup. Surrounding Centeroo are all the campsites grouped by movie titles and divided by that movie’s characters. Ours was Pussy Galore in the James Bond area… we all got a kick out of that. Port-a-potties are located throughout, and you get used to peeing in the dark after the first two nights. Showering is a no-no. I mean you can for a little less then 10 bucks, but if you’re going to Bonnaroo you might as well do it up right.

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A MySpace Milestone: It's 150th Secret Show

Ok, so MySpace is the website that we all love to hate. It’s basically Facebook’s trashy and wild cousin. But don’t lie, you still check your MySpace from time to time hoping to see “New Friend Requests!” Anyway, MySpace has cornered the market on a concept that even Facebook can’t touch - it’s Secret Shows. MySpace’s Secret Shows debuted in January 2006 as a way to let fans get up close and personal with their favorite artists. Secret Shows are announced via MySpace bulletins usually only a few days in advance. The shows are always free and hosted in a small venue. Since it’s inception, Myspace’s Secret Shows have hosted a plethora of acts including Tokyo Police Club, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rilo Kiley, the Killers, Moby, Maroon 5, Tenacious D, Ice Cube, Lily Allen, James Blunt, and Neil Diamond.

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